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7401 US Route 127 Celina, OH 45822

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Welcome to
Grand Lake Spouting
We offer a variety of services including: residential and commercial gutter installations, repairs and maintenance, cleaning, and professional gutter guards.

Keep the Rain Away!


We are a Christian owned and operated company! Grand Lake Spouting, LLC has a goal and personal desire to provide the best services available in the Grand Lake Area. Some of our services include – Installation of 5″ and 6″ Continuous Gutters, Gutter Protection Systems, and Cleaning and Repair Services. We also repair Fascia & Soffit! We want to help protect your home or business from major water damage that can occur from excessive rain run-off. Both home and businesses are major investments…if they are important to you, they are important to us! Give us the opportunity to “Keep the Rain Away” and help make your home or business an investment that will last a lifetime!

We Honor Veterans!

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Gutter Guards
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Thank you for everything you did for me. I appreciate the prompt service and for taking the time to show me the work to make sure things were as I wanted them.

– Patricia

Thank you for doing a very good job. We were very impressed. You will be the first one to call if we need any more spouting.


– Stanley & Helen

Thank you so much for your fast and exceptional service. We love the new look!


Joyce Lamm

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About us

 A Christian based company,
We are here to provide the best services available while forming a long-standing relationship with the people within our community.

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Grand Lake Spouting LLC
7401 US Route 127
Celina, OH 45822

Cell:  419-394-7222
Office:  567-890-7222