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More Than Gutters and Gutter Guards!

We live here, We work here. Authenticity is huge for us, and so is transparency.  You’re inviting us into your home and trusting us to do a great service to protect your investment. At Grand Lake Spouting we are constantly striving to find way to help our customers. If our customer has a need… we find a solution.

Aside from gutter issues, other common needs are: Snow Retention Systems, Roof Snow Removal, Roof Shampoo, Rain Barrels and Rain Chains.


  1. Save water. Using the rainwater that we capture ourselves for landscaping allows for savings on the monthly water bills.
  2. Moderate flooding. Rain barrels can help moderate the potential for flooding on your property and in your neighborhood during the rainy season by reducing the amount of water that leaves the property.
  3. Prevent stormwater pollution. By collecting rainwater onsite, rain barrels can help keep pollutants from draining into our waterways. Read more about how rain barrels prevent water pollution below.
  4. Make your garden thrive. Rain barrels collect rainwater, which is free of the additives (such as fluoride, salts, and inorganic ions) that tap water has for sanitation. Over time, these compounds accumulate in the soil and can harm plant roots and microorganisms in the soil. Your plants and garden will thrive by being watered with rainwater



Snow retention systems are devices that help prevent snowslides, the dangerous movement of snow and ice, by allowing it to melt completely or drop off in small amounts. Polycarbonate snow guards can also be referred to as:  snow stops, snow-guards, snow brackets, snow blocks and typically are installed on commercial metal roof buildings. Residential and Commercial customers will benefit from safer roofs, less customer complaints of falling snow and ice, less damage to roof vents and overall peace of mind during the winter months. Our polycarbonate snow guard products help prevent damage from avalanching snow and ice while remaining practically invisible, adding beauty and function. Snow guards are a practical, cost-effective addition to any sloped metal roof in winter climates.


Metal snow rails are also available and come in a variety of color options to match your metal roof. Metal snow retention is known to be very effective against snow slides; keeping walkways, balconies, gutters, driveways and people safe from falling snow or ice.


Why should I have my roof cleaned?

Cleaning your roof stained from algae is a cost saving alternative to pre-mature re-roofing. A stained roof is no longer able to effectively reflect sunlight and detracts from your home’s curb appeal. A clean roof is a healthy roof. Roof Shampoo® contractors use low pressure state-of-the-art roof cleaning equipment and eco-friendly proprietary Roof Shampoo® soaps to remove those ugly stains instantly and completely.

The Roof Shampoo® roof cleaning system is eco-friendly and has revolutionized the roof cleaning industry! Roof Shampoo® does NOT contain dangerous chlorine bleach or phosphates like old fashioned methods of roof cleaning still being using by some contractors. The Roof Shampoo® roof cleaning system uses safe, effective, nontoxic, eco-friendly roof cleaning products to clean those ugly roof stains and will not harm any vegetation around the home. When the Roof Shampoo® technicians leave your house, your algae stained roof will be STAIN FREE. No waiting for rain, no wondering, and no worrying if the algae, fungus, lichens, or moss will really go away as with other roof cleaning methods. The results are IMMEDIATE and Complete! The Roof Shampoo® ultra-light aluminum sprinkler-disc rinse system was engineered specifically for use on asphalt and fiberglass shingles. The sprinkler-disc rinser delivers a gentle, soft water rinse completely safe for all roof surfaces. NEVER damaging high pressure and absolutely NO scrubbing or brushing! The proprietary Roof Shampoo® ultra-light low-pressure aluminum sprinkler-disc rinse system was engineered specifically for use on asphalt and fiberglass shingles.

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